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Connie Chung is really annoying.

Ah, it has been a really rushed 20 days since I posted last. Interesting events have happened and are on the horizon. I have met a really nice young lady that occupies my mind. About time right? Also, to my buddies strung across the land. Thanks for the good times guys! Will see you more in the future!

Connie Chung is really annoying.

I am born again!!! I have something to say. I !!!!!

Oh man...Trying to keep the negativity on the low here, but I cannot resist. I saw Spiderman tonight. Okay, I will just get this out in the open. I used to collect comics growing up. Uh, imagine a guy that runs a web site out of his house collecting comics. Was I destined to be a geek? Yes. So having this collection I was and am still quite the fan of our web slinger friend Spiderman. This movie was so horrible! I have been waiting for it to come out since I was a kid and was scorned when all the Batman crap was out there. Look where that movie went, George Clooney and Val Kilmer? 'nuff said.

As for Spiderman, Kirsten Dunst was quite tasty, but her portrayal of Mary Jane was horrible. This movie's plot and bad acting was right along side the USA Network Up All Night types. I would not be surprised seeing it there soon. And this movie broke ticket sales records? My fellow Americans, I dub thee a lemming.

Did some interesting things last weekend. I went to this shindig called Eeyore's Birthday Party in Austin. As weird as it was, I liked it a whole lot. I was mainly a spectactor and did not partake in the actual events except for the egg toss, but it was definitely worth going to. For those who do not know what it is, ask me. Also, lyrics perfect for my current mood and sort of generally how I have felt for the past year. Sigh... Open My Head Here

Siting many different people here. The combination of youth and money can strain so many relationships. Relationships from friends, co-workers, family, etc...are soured. It is so classic when an individual or individuals have come into money or have had a good amount that competition begins over possessions. Keeping up with the Jones's. So sad...Before my grandfather passed away I asked him a very simple question, "Taw, did you live a happy life?". He simply said yes, but his facial expression amplified his happiness even more. I wonder if people constantly fighting the war of "The Have's versus the Have Not's" will be able to answer that question without doubt. I hope I can.

Brain Dropping (Obvious): The only thing that make things difficult is just not knowing where to look to find your answer. Excuse the mess...

Man, Fiona Apple has an amazing voice. I really hope she goes back on tour. See her site here.

Wow! All I can say is Kylie Minogue. Slober...drool...Watch this.

I am a factoid freak. For some reason I love to read statistical data about different subjects. For instance, in 1998, more Americans were injured by their toilet (48,964) than while using a hammer (42,426). I used to just watch CNN's Headline News for the 30 minute Factoid. Yep, the news was pretty much the same, but the Factoid always changed. Go here to view the statistics Uncle Sam puts out.

I'm Afraid of Americans. Here is a Trent Reznor/David Bowie song that many people may have forgotten about. Read the lyrics first. I know people are going to disagree, feel free to flame me. Coalescing with the movie "American Beauty" (almost too extreme there), you will find the lyrics describe a prolific culture in America that strive for a contrued "American Dream". Sadly, looking from a foreign point of view, that is foreigner, America is quite the imperialist. I did not say I have a solution here, just a blurb as I was listening to the song.

News Flash! Cincinnati Cow has been captured! After eluding humans and a bounty of 100 Chick-Fil-A sandwiches fugitive cow has a home. Read all about it here.

News Flash! Cow evades butcher for 7 days! Read all about it! Good material for City Slickers: 3, hope not..

Here is some good news for once. Read this link and support our troops!

Hey Larry, do you ever read this? I do not think any DAK's will pick up on it. Oops...this is not e-mail. Only 2 more days till Valentine's day....can I get a yay?

Palindrome! This is a really cool date that only happens about every 110 years! No matter how you arrange it, the numbers will always reflect February 2, 2002. Neat huh?

Sick, very sick. The crud is floating around, and I happen have it. Hopefully, it will pass quickly. I hate feeling this way. I also need to remember that when people are sick, they are less tolerable, right now I am not that tolerable of people's crap. Venting a little

I was watching MTV last night. Don't ask why. There is show called Dismissal. It is one of those wanna-be Survivor shows, totally sick. MTV has fallen to a new low. Even MTV2 is getting craptified...

Man...watched Black Hawk Down tonight. Pretty intense stuff. Makes you think about how our guys are doing over there. Always remember and be grateful. Oh yeah, do not take your kids to the movie. I wanted to strangle the parents of this little boy in the theater. Not a film for a child to be seeing. Tell them about it, they do not need to see it.

Hmmm...what is rattling in my head today? Odd how everyone is a salesman. We all have to use some leverage to get what we want, being blatant, honest whatever, just causes more pain.